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"Uddevalla is like nothing you have ever heard before. It sits at the confluence of exceptional talent, meticulous research, and pure imagination, and one cannot fail to be moved by the outstanding sensory experience she showcases here."

Folk Radio UK

"Rising and falling with emotion, frailty and strength, light and dark...the music washes over you and through you as though in musical meditation"

At the Barrier


Talented, emerging Scottish musician Lauren Collier is making a name for her virtuosity on the fiddle and captivating vocals. Lauren released her highly-anticipated debut album Uddevalla in December 2023. The album takes listeners on a musical journey from Haiti, through Sweden and India, and onto Indonesia and Greece, all the while offering a unique blend of traditional and electronic music that is incredibly diverse, yet wholly cohesive.


With her band of well-known faces, this fresh and captivating music is well worth seeing live. 


Lauren Collier: Fiddles + Vocals

Ali Hutton: Guitar

Gus Stirrat: Bass

Paul Jennings: Drums + Percussion

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