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Saturday 15th February: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Outreach Programme, Callander (Cover)

Saturday 21st- Sunday 22nd March: Lochgoilhead Fèis, Lochgoilhead- info

As a qualified High School teacher, Lauren has always loved teaching and working with people of all ages and abilities to try to get the best out of individuals.

Lauren has been teaching fiddle, violin and music theory for over 12 years and feels very strongly about how important music and good music tuition is, having had so many opportunities and so much pleasure from music herself. She is dedicated to instilling this passion and enthusiasm in those she works with. Music is fun and has great social and emotional value in a person's development. Lauren wishes to provide as much opportunity to those she works with as possible.

Having trained as a teacher, Lauren has all of the necessary skills to ensure that her lessons are tailored to individual learners. She differentiates work and has many teaching styles available to ensure that she can get the best from those she works with. 

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